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Three FREE Continuing Legal Education Hours Offered per User

An accredited CLE provider in numerous states throughout the country, Wilson Elser has conducted credit-eligible programs for clients for many years and offers insightful best practices and risk management seminars to client law firms. A special feature of our firm’s Privileged Membership with Practising Law Institute (“PLI”) is the Spotlight Friday feature that we are pleased to share with you here. 

Every Friday, we will post details of a new topic that may be accessed within that week (until the next Friday segment) with a complimentary hour (60 minutes) of CLE. The topics are diverse and subjects are not pre-selected based on Wilson Elser’s practices or areas of expertise. PLI will issue certificates of attendance/completion to each user via their email address provided, typically within 24-48 hours of viewing. [PLI also handles reporting of the requested credit(s) to the applicable jurisdiction(s) selected].

Spotlight Friday

Register for this week’s PLI's Spotlight Friday segment. First time users will need to create an account to register. Enter Priority Code FRI4 8AM24 at checkout to receive this segment at no cost! This discount is active through June 20, 2024.

For a library of additional CLE credited offerings, please visit Bloomberg Law. First time Bloomberg Law users will need to create an account to register.


* Disclaimer: The availability of continuing legal education credit shall be subject to the requirements of the states in which you are admitted.  Wilson Elser makes no guarantees about the availability for CLE credit in any amount, or that credit will be available at all. You alone are responsible for ensuring that you meet all the requirements to receive CLE credit. Links to CLE providers are given only for the convenience of the attorney using the site and do not constitute endorsement of the provider or its programs.

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